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Go.IU is a URL shortening service for students, faculty, and staff of Indiana University. It stores your shortened URLs in a database, allowing you to access them for as long as you wish. You can then remove them from the database when they are no longer needed.

You'll need to log in with your IU username and passphrase to shorten a URL, but anyone can visit short URLs without authentication.

Use Go.IU

After you log in, enter your long URL in the text field and click Shorten. Though Go.IU will accept any long URL, only those from IU domains (for example, iu.edu, indiana.edu, iupui.edu, etc.) will be treated as safe URLs. Go.IU will display your shortened URL (in the form http://go.iu.edu/xyz), which you can then send to others via email, Twitter, or other means.

Randomly generated URLs can also be accessed via the campus domains. Currently, http://go.iupui.edu/xyz takes users to the same long URL as http://go.iu.edu/xyz. In the future, other campus domains will also be supported.


Since Go.IU does not screen submitted URLs for malicious content, when you visit a URL that is not marked as safe/trusted, a warning message will display, requiring that you click Take me there. Click a Go.IU URL only if you trust the sender and understand the context of the message being sent.

Faculty and staff may request custom Go.IU URLs, which must be approved by IU Studios, but do not give the warning screen when linking to non-IU domains.


Learn more about Go.IU via Twitter, @GoIUedu. If you have questions, suggestions, or feature requests, contact the Go.IU team.

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