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About IT Pros

At Indiana University, IT Pros include anyone who provides IT services or support (full-time or part-time) to the faculty, staff, students, patients, donors, guests, partners, or alumni of IU. Many departments have one or more IT Pros who provide direct support to faculty and staff, although the term "IT Pro" can be used in a broader sense as well.

To learn the name of your department's IT Pro, consult your supervisor or your departmental website. If you still cannot identify your IT Pro, call the UITS Support Center at 812-855-6789 (Bloomington) or 317-274-4357 (Indianapolis).

IT Pros at IU represent the entire spectrum of skill sets in the IT industry, from part-time support technicians, to developers, security analysts, webmasters, videographers, graphic designers, and system administrators. Under the inclusive umbrella of the term IT Pro, some specific roles have more formal definitions:

IT Pro
Any person engaged in the support, creation, teaching, analysis, administration, or management of IT personnel, resources, and/or knowledge. This may include part-time and full-time employees, faculty, and students at IU and IU affiliates.
Registered IT Pro
Any person identified as an IT Pro via the IT Pro Database (also known as the LSP Database). Currently, only IT Pros appointed by an IT Manager are registered and each IT Pro's appointment is associated with one or more departments, based on the Appointing IT Manager and IUIE records. As part of the appointment process, access to a set of default support tools and resources is authorized. Registered IT Pros are sometimes referred to as Departmental IT Pros when the scope of their access/ authorization is relevant. Additionally, IT Managers may also authorize access to additional support tools and resources; see the designation below.
Authorized IT Pro
When job duties require it, IT Pros may be granted access to some IT tools and resources individually (with or without registration in the database), such as Superpass and UIPO Unblocker.
A legacy term that stands for "local support provider". This term is being phased out in favor of the term "IT Pro", except in reference to older resources such as LSP Online.

Roles of IT Pros

Following are some roles that IT Pros may have (see the linked descriptions below for details):

Desktop support
One of the most common roles of an IT Pro is to support faculty and staff use of desktop computers and departmental peripherals. Desktop support includes hardware, operating systems, applications, networking services, intra- and internet connectivity, and more. UITS offers resources like IT Training, customized IU downloads from IUware, Configuration Manager, and remote access utilities to assist IT Pros in these areas. Using the various websites, applications, and services available from UITS and OVPIT empowers IT Pros to provide exceptional support.
System administration
Many IT Pros install and maintain a variety of IT resources which are critical to the unique needs of university units. Examples include installation and securing of file and print servers, web applications, and database servers; management of Active Directory objects and scripts; and risk assessment, resource planning, and maintenance.
Database administration
A database administrator (DBA) at IU often works with a combination of departmental data and enterprise data pulled from the Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE). A DBA needs to know how to securely handle that data, whom to contact in order to access enterprise data, and how to properly apply best practices.
Security support
IT Pros are often responsible for making sure desktops and servers can connect to one another, IU services, and the internet. Troubleshooting DNS, DHCP, MAC address registration, and network cabling is a critical skill for providing security support. Understanding the security landscape at IU, including how to monitor, detect, and respond to security incidents safeguards the operational experience and functions users need to accomplish work at IU.
Web administration
At IU, web administrators may manage their own web servers running any number of web services. They need to know how to properly secure and maintain sites, request DNS entries, troubleshoot connectivity problems, and work closely with programmers and developers in their departments. In some departments, the same person is responsible for web administration, programming, and design.
Web programming or design
In many cases at IU, the same person who is programming a web page is also making design decisions. At IU, these people need to be aware of visual identity guidelines, university policies regarding privacy notices, and standards of practices regarding authentication and e-commerce, among many other concerns.
Application development
At IU, there are communities of interest for iOS development and .Net development, as well as a large number of Java developers.
IT management
IT managers at IU are responsible for policy compliance, disaster recovery/business continuity, career development planning, project management, and often many additional executive responsibilities.
LSP Administrator (LA)
The IT Pro Database retains the role LSP Administrator (LA). The LA role exists for the purpose of identifying individuals in a department who are authorized to register and authorize IT Pros for the department. LAs are also responsible for de-authorizing and unregistering IT Pros upon separation from the department.
Senior Administrator (SA)
The IT Pro Database recognizes the role Senior Administrator for the purpose of identifying individuals in a department who are authorized to manage LAs for the department. The SA for a department is most often the fiscal approver listed for that department in the IUIE.

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