ARCHIVED: Completed project: Address verification

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Primary UITS contact: Julie Parmenter

Completed: October 6, 2014

Description: This project deals with the implementation of the vended product Clean_Address delivered by Runner Technologies. The Clean_Address server contains an embedded USPS DB. The initial implementation is for PeopleSoft. The next phase will see this product incorporated into the SIS J2EE environment. It will also be available to other enterprise systems (e.g., CRM, Alumni) and departmental systems. Clean_Address basically ensures that addresses that are entered into a system are valid US postal addresses. Runner Technologies also delivers some international postal address data, although postal service addresses for most countries have to be purchased separately.

Outcome: When this product is fully implemented at IU, it should result in significant savings to the university, particularly in the area of Admissions, in that it will greatly reduce the postal cost associated with returned mail.

Milestones and status:

  • Requirements for Phase 1:
    • Integration with batch test score load suspense tables and batch biodemo interfaces: Technical pieces completed October 6, 2011; turned on in production December 7, 2011
    • Integration with PS Address data entry screens: Production date December 12, 2012
    • Establishment of an update cycle for USPS DB: This has started monthly.
  • Requirements for Phase 2:
    • Integration with SIS Java apps that collect address information (e.g., eTR, grad and undergrad admissions eApps, Compass): Date to be determined

Primary client: Students, faculty, and staff who use PeopleSoft and SIS applications where address data is entered

Client impact: This product will reduce postal costs for Admissions and other applications that use it in that it will ensure a valid US postal address and greatly decrease the incidence of returned mail.

Project Team: University Student Services and Systems (USSS); UITS ES-ESID-VAA and ES-ESS (SIS) technical staff

Governance: The Enterprise Student Systems Executive Committee (ESSEC) is the governing body determining priority of requests. Functional representation is directed by USSS. The ES-ESID-VAA manager and the ES-ESS (SIS) systems development managers will be responsible for technical implementation.

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