ARCHIVED: Completed project: Immersive Collaboration Classroom Experiment

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Primary UITS contact: Steve Egyhazi and Jennifer Van Horn

Completed: December 21, 2012

Description: As a showcase project of the new Learning Technologies Collaboration Technologies unit, we are building three new immersive collaboration classrooms in IUB Wells Library 305G, IUPUI ICTC 121, and IU Northwest Hawthorne 329. Our classrooms will borrow the cafe table seating concept of the Cisco Telepresence Active Collaboration Room (ACR), which inspires movement within the space. We hope to improve upon the ACR room design by focusing more attention on the technology feature set of the student tables themselves, with the goal of making each table capable of presenting or collaborating on computer or handwritten images among the students at the table, with the entire class/conference, or in break-out sessions with select remote students. In this regard, each student has essentially the same tools to present ideas as the instructor. Point of view and "life-size" camera imagery will be achieved with automated camera positioning systems, which will be contextually programmed based on whether the instructor is in-room or remote.

Outcome: The immersive classrooms will remove the barriers typically present in traditional videoconference classrooms, and will create a telepresence experience that promotes active engagement by all participants, regardless of location.

Milestones and status:

  • October 2011: System design
  • November 2011: Room and furniture design for Wells 305G; investigate raised floor installation for Wells 305G; send structural modifications for Wells 305G to Physical Plant
  • December 2011: Order equipment for Wells 305G; on-site testing of Eagle Eye Director camera tracking system in both Wells 305G and ICTC 121
  • January 2012: Ceiling microphone evaluations in Wells 305G; begin system and room layout design; evaluate wall paint colors; order equipment for ICTC 121
  • February 2012: Order furniture for ICTC 121 and Wells 305G; initial equipment setup in ICTC 121; meet with UAO, CTS, and Library building manager to coordinate raised floor installation bids and room modifications
  • March 2012: Install furniture in Wells 305G and ICTC 121; test conferences between Wells 305G and ICTC 121
  • April 2012: Demonstrate classroom to Kelley School of Business Media Center Directors group. Discuss extension of project to IUK and IUSB.
  • May 2012: Present Immersive Classroom update at national ACUTA conference in Indianapolis (ACUTA president-elect: Jennifer Van Horn). Schedule removal of whiteboard in 305G and wall-mounting of TVs. Order equipment for IUN, IUK, IUSB.
  • June-July 2012: Immersive Classroom installation in IUN Hawthorne 329 and IUPUI Nursing 336 commences. Continuing demonstrations to faculty users and clients interested in mimicking the Immersive Classroom design.
  • August 2012: IUN Hawthorne 329 Immersive Classroom installation completed; local faculty demonstrations scheduled. Pilot classes begin using Immersive Classroom: EDUC-C 750/Hossler and EDUC-C 620/Hughes.

    IUK KO-214 is targeted for Immersive Classroom installation, but timing of renovation and installation yet to be established.

    IUSB Education & Arts 2102 is targeted to install the Polycom HDX8000 and Eagle Eye Director technology, but will diverge from a strict Immersive Classroom furniture arrangement to accommodate other design priorities, namely, four LED monitors to display collaborative student work, with same-height movable furniture. Timeline for installation of this advanced hybrid classroom yet to be established.

Comment process: Email

Benefits: The immersive classrooms will provide an open classroom environment that enables opportunities for students to participate in small break-out sessions, and gives them the capability to present their information from any desk. The remote students will be able to participate in the class with a high level of interactivity, thereby enriching their learning experience.

Primary client: IUB, IUPUI, and IUN faculty and students

Project team:

  • Steve Egyhazi, project manager
  • Jennifer Van Horn
  • Chris Golden
  • Beverly Teach
  • Mark Russell
  • Joe Schubert
  • Dave Withered

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