Restrict who can send to your IU List mailing list

Only list owners can perform the actions described below.
  1. Log into the campus IU List website for your list:
    Campus IU List web interface
    IU Bloomington
    IU East
    IU Kokomo
    IU Northwest
    IU South Bend
    IU Southeast
  2. Find the correct list in the left-side panel, and click admin.
  3. Select the Edit List Config tab or link.
  4. Click the Sending/receiving setup button or the Sending & receiving link.
  5. Under "Who can send messages", the following options will be available. Changes you make here become effective immediately without any confirmation (that is, for this setting you do not need to click Submit). The options are as below, with the system code for the setting in parentheses:
    • Private - Restricted to subscribers, no moderation (private): This is a standard setting most list owners will use. Only subscribers can send, but no mailings are moderated.
    • Private Confirm - Private, and subscribers must confirm their postings (privatekey): As above, but IU List will send email back to the author of each message, to confirm the sender's identity and that the sender meant to submit a message to the list.
    • Private Moderated - Moderated, by subscribers only (privateandeditorkey): As above, but all mailings are moderated by the moderators (editors) or the list owner(s), if there are no moderators. Once the mailing is approved, it goes out to the list. Two versions of this option exist, depending whether confirmation of mailings is required or not.
    • Private - But moderated for non-subscribers (privateoreditorkey): As above, but non-subscribers are allowed to post, and those mailings are the only mailings that are moderated. Mailings from subscribers are submitted without moderation. Keep in mind that "Private" in this case does not mean your list is hidden from view; it is only a description of the setting.
    • Public - Anyone may send, but all mailings are moderated (editorkey): All mailings are moderated, but no restrictions are made on who can send to the list. If your list has this setting and you do not want subscribers to be moderated, consider a Private send option instead.
    • Public Confirm (editorkeyconfirmed): As above, but IU List will require the moderator to confirm the command, to prevent spoofing of the moderator's address.
    • Public User Confirm (editorkeydblconfirm): Similar to Public Confirm, but the user must also confirm the message before the moderator receives it.
    • Newsletter or Announcement - Only moderators can send (newsletter): Only moderators can send to the list (owners must also be moderators to send). This is useful for large lists that make department-wide announcements or news lists that provide a summary of weekly events.
    • IU Addresses Only (intranet): Only addresses in IU educational domains (, or can send to the list. No other confirmation or moderation is required.
    • Hybrid (hybrid): IU addresses and subscribers may send to the list; mailings by non-subscribers are held for moderation. No confirmation is required.
    • Closed list (closed): Use this to prevent mail to the list, and put it on hiatus. If the list is for a seasonal event or recurring yearly item, this is an excellent choice to stop any spam from coming through the list in the interim. This does not close or remove the list in any way; it simply stops new messages from being sent.
    If you choose a moderated option, but your list has no moderator, the list owner(s) will have that responsibility. To add a moderator to your list, see Add or remove an owner or moderator on an IU List mailing list.

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