What are guidelines for submitting artwork along with my iTunes U podcast?

When you submit a podcast to iTunes U, you may also choose to submit artwork that enhances its presence. Although you are not required to include artwork when you submit an iTunes U podcast, many content providers use artwork to help attract potential listeners. However, any artwork you submit should comply with the following guidelines.

Artwork size

Your artwork should be compatible with all the computers and devices on which it may be viewed. Essentially, this requires preparing artwork for three different screen sizes:

Display device Artwork size
Personal computer 3200x600 pixels
iPad 1536x600 pixels
iPhone or iPod touch 960x600 pixels

File formats

For best results, you should submit artwork in the following file formats:

  • Layered Photoshop PSD files: If possible, your .psd file should contain separate layers for the various elements (e.g., images, backgrounds, and titles) in your artwork.

    For text (especially non-standard fonts) to display well, you should either convert it into a shape, rasterize it, or apply the outline effect to it. If you are using Adobe Photoshop, you can use Smart Objects to accomplish this. For help with Smart Objects in Photoshop, see Work with Smart Objects in Adobe's Photoshop Help pages.

  • Camera raw images: Camera raw file formats are proprietary depending on the digital camera you use. Camera raw images are uncompressed, unprocessed digital photos. For more, see the TechTerms.com definition. When submitting camera raw artwork, make sure to include design information.

Prohibited materials

In its iTunes Store Terms and Conditions, Apple prohibits certain content from appearing in the iTunes Store. Any material you submit to iTunes U may not infringe or violate anyone's rights, encourage unlawful conduct, be obscene, objectionable, or in poor taste, or contain:

  • Pixelation, artifacts, high-contrast background art, blurry or hard crops (unless stylistic) or other style issues
  • Obscured talent (in this case, "talent" means anyone involved in the production of the podcast who might appear in the artwork)
  • Website addresses
  • The words "iTunes" or "Apple Inc."
  • The Apple logo or the term "exclusive" without prior authorization from Apple
  • References to its physical packaging or any other retailers
  • References to it being a digital product
  • References to pricing (e.g., "Reduced Price," "Low Price," "Available for $9.99," or "For Promo Use")
  • References to illegal drugs, profanity, or violence
  • Images or language that could be construed as racist, misogynist, or homophobic
  • Imagery depicting sex, violence, gore, drugs, explicit language, or hate themes
  • Nazi symbolism restricted by the German criminal code (Strafgesetzbuch section 86a), if the content is visible in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland


You must have the legal rights to the material you post to the iTunes Store. For more, see the Apple Education iTunes U Copyright Overview (in PDF format).

For policy information on podcast content at Indiana University, refer to Protect IU: Policies from the University Information Policy Office (UIPO). In particular, see Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (IT-01).

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