Use Modules to manage your software environment on IU's research supercomputers

On the research supercomputers at Indiana University, the Modules environment management system provides a convenient method for dynamically customizing your software environment.

Modules is a command-line interface that provides commands for setting and modifying shell environment variables. These environment variables define values used by both the shell and the programs you execute on the shell command line.

The Modules environment management package simplifies the management of environment variables associated with various software packages, and lets you automatically modify environment variables as needed when switching between software packages.

To make permanent changes to your environment, edit your ~/.modules file. For more, see Use a .modules file in your home directory to save your user environment on an IU research supercomputer.

Some common Modules commands include:

Command Action
module avail List all software packages available on the system.
module avail package List all versions of package available on the system; for example:

  module avail openmpi
module list List all packages currently added to your user environment.
module load package Add the default version of the package to your user environment; for example:

  module load intel
module load package/version Add the specified version of the package to your user environment; for example:

  module load intel/11.1
module unload package Remove the specified package from your user environment.
module swap package_A package_B Swap the loaded package (package_A) with another package (package_B). This is synonymous with:

  module switch package_A package_B
module show package Show the changes loading the specified package makes to your user environment (for example, environment variables set, library paths added). This is synonymous with:

  module display package

For more about working with Modules, see the Modules manual page.

For more about software available on IU's research supercomputers, see Software available on IU's research supercomputers.

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