Courses and Collections in iTunes U Public

Content provided through iTunes U Public is searchable by users worldwide via the iTunes Store and is accessible without authentication. Two types of content are available in iTunes U Public: Collections and Courses.


You can view and download iTunes U Collections from the iTunes Store in the iTunes app on a Mac or Windows computer. You can also access them via the iTunes Store app in iOS. Collections consist of a single RSS feed. Because Collections are in iTunes U Public, these feeds will show up to the general public.


iTunes U Courses are accessible only to iOS devices that have the free iTunes U app installed. Courses are meant for producing content specifically for the iTunes U app on iOS devices. They are set up by the content creator via Apple's iTunes U Course Manager web interface. All of the course's information will need to be duplicated here, and artwork for the course and instructor should be supplied. While Courses are not necessary to distribute podcasts, they do give an extra level of usability and accessibility for students on iOS devices.

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