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Personal and non-personal accounts

Personal accounts

In Box at Indiana University, a personal account is an account that is associated with an individual's IU username. All students, faculty, staff, and affiliates can log into https://box.iu.edu to access their personal IU Box accounts.

You can use your personal account to:

  • Save your own files
  • Share read-only access to files with others (within or outside IU)
  • Invite others (within or outside IU) to collaborate on folders or files you own
  • Access folders and files that you have been invited to collaborate on

When you log into your personal account, you will see folders and files you have been invited to collaborate on alongside your own files and folders, and this is where you will do all your work with documents (uploading, downloading, editing, etc.).

Non-personal accounts

UITS strongly recommends that all institutional data be owned by non-personal Box accounts. Non-personal accounts provide the following benefits:

  • Clarity of ownership: The group/lab/department owns the files, not any one individual.
  • Permission flexibility: Because account ownership is not directly tied to any one individual, it is easier to give all users the appropriate collaborator permissions.
  • Minimize disruptions of access when there is personnel turnover: Upon the departure of a staff member, or the graduation of the leader of a student group, access to shared data in folders owned by the personal account of the person leaving may be lost. By storing this group/organizational data within a folder owned by the non-personal account, you avoid that disruption.

You will access the content owned by non-personal accounts by logging into your personal Box account.

The following types of non-personal accounts are available:

  • Group Accounts: Group Accounts are the main storage container for non-sensitive data for student groups or small teams. For some research labs that will not be storing any sensitive data in Box, Group Accounts may be appropriate. However, researchers should consult with their IT Pro to see if there is already an Organizational Account in place that could host the lab's data. Group Accounts are requested through self-service.
  • Organizational Accounts: Organizational Accounts are the main storage container for general (that is, non-sensitive) content for schools, organizations, or regional campuses. Organizational Accounts are set up by the unit's IT Pro.
    UITS recommends that each unit use a combination of an Organizational Account and a Box Entrusted Data Account (see below).
  • Box Entrusted Data Accounts: Box Entrusted Data Accounts are the appropriate storage container for Restricted data for schools, organizations, or regional campuses. Box Entrusted Data Accounts are set up by the unit's IT Pro.
  • Box Health Data Accounts: Box Health Data Accounts are the only authorized Box storage location for approved PHI data for groups working with data regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Box Health Data Accounts are set up by Clinical Affairs IT Services (CAITS).

Where to store data

When determining where to store your files, you need to consider the IU Types of data. (When storing personal files in Box, you may store any files you deem appropriate in your personal Box account.)

Not all institutional data is permitted in Box at IU; see Types of data appropriate for IU Box accounts.
Institutional data of the classifications listed below should be in folders owned by the indicated types of acccounts
Classification Personal account Group Account Organizational Account Box Entrusted Data Account Box Health Data Account
Critical - not PHI No No No No No
Critical - PHI No No No No Yes1
Restricted No No No2 Yes Yes
University-internal Yes3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Public Yes3 Yes Yes Yes Yes

1 Only approved PHI may be stored in Box.

2 While Restricted data was previously allowed in Organizational Accounts, UITS and the Data Stewards recommend that all Restricted data be moved to a Box Entrusted Data Account.

3 Although you are permitted to store University-Internal data and Public data in folders you own, best practice is that all institutional data in Box be stored in folders owned by a non-personal account.

If you are uncertain which account type best suits your needs, contact boxinfo@iu.edu.

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