ARCHIVED: Completed project: Personal Computing Video Conferencing (PCVC) 2.0

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Primary UITS contact: James McGookey

Last update: January 7, 2016

Description: Building upon lessons learned from existing Personal Computer for Video Conferencing (PCVC) rooms, UITS seeks to further refine and improve the user experience with newer synchronous collaboration solutions. Leveraging enterprise and consumer collaboration applications and design philosophies to increase flexibility, foster mobility, and improve ease-of-use are all goals of the project.

Outcome: This project seeks the following outcomes:

  • Recommendations for utilizing standard personal computers and other devices for synchronous collaboration
  • Best practices for room design and integration
  • A list of supported and recommended synchronous collaboration applications
  • Recommendations for mobile devices and applications
  • Develop relationships and/or partnerships with vendors for synchronous collaboration applications

Comment process: Email James McGookey

Benefits: Collaboration Technologies estimates there are currently 150 rooms across the IU system already utilizing PCs for video and/or web conferencing. While some of these rooms were designed expressly for synchronous collaboration, many do not meet minimum standards needed to successfully participate in online conferences. This project will create a series of standards and recommendations to ensure interoperability and compatibility across all collaborative environments.

In addition, many proprietary and/or single use hardware-based videoconferencing systems have reached end-of-life and need to be replaced. While new hardware systems can improve quality, they lack integration with app-based collaboration tools such as Lync, Skype, and Adobe Connect. Implementing a comprehensive PCVC solution can reduce cost and increase flexibility.

Related Information: The PCVC 2.0 project is a component of the much broader UITS Council of Enterprise Architect's Remote Real-Time Collaboration Project, which seeks a comprehensive and cohesive roadmap of synchronous collaboration implementations.

Project team:

  • James McGookey
  • Steve Egyhazi
  • Chris Golden
  • Michael Morgan
  • Mark Russell
  • Joe Hacker
  • Joe Schubert
  • Gary Curto


  • Stacy Morrone, Associate Vice President, Learning Technologies & Dean of IT, IUPUI
  • UITS Council of Enterprise Architects

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