ARCHIVED: Completed project: Doceri software deployment in general-purpose classrooms

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Primary UITS contact: Beverly Teach

Completed: May 27, 2014

Description: Doceri is an application that can be installed on any Windows or Macintosh computer to provide remote desktop access with an iPad. The iPad app is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store. The software is now available for installation on computers in general-purpose classrooms (those scheduled by the Office of the Registrar) on all Indiana University campuses. The software has been installed on all computers in general-purpose classrooms at IU Bloomington and IUPUI, and is being installed on several other regional campuses.

Outcome: Doceri's built-in desktop control lets instructors use iPads to control applications on classroom computers. Instructors also can remotely annotate documents and save them. This allows instructors to move around the classroom and involve students in problem-solving activities. The whiteboard feature allows instructors to create handwritten/drawn content on any background of choice.

Milestones and status:

  • Academic year 2012-13: Pilot begins with deployment of software in a few classrooms at IU Bloomington
  • June 2013: Decision made to expand deployment to all general-purpose classrooms, system-wide
  • Fall 2013: Deployment at IUB and IUPUI completed; logistics for deployment on other campuses underway
  • January 2014: Deployment at IU Kokomo and IU Southeast completed
  • Spring semester 2014: Ongoing discussions with remaining campuses regarding deployment strategies
  • March 2014: IUN is demonstrating software to faculty in preparation for deployment; IUSB is requesting deployment in their classrooms.
  • May 2014: Deployment strategies confirmed for all campuses on the new software build/deployment

Benefits: This software provides a simple, robust way for instructors to have mobility in the classroom. Future software upgrades include the ability to allow group collaboration. A beta version for use with a Surface RT tablets is expected in the near future.

Project team:

  • Beverly Teach
  • Joe Hacker
  • Mark Russell
  • Randy Newbrough
  • UITS Leveraged Services
  • Classroom technology units on all campuses
  • Centers for teaching and learning on all campuses

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