ARCHIVED: Completed project: Empowering People Action 25 - IT research and dissemination by IT staff

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Primary UITS contact: Craig A. Stewart

Completed: September 10, 2013

Description: Action 25 has two parts:

  • IU should support and pursue research into information technology itself. This is well established practice throughout the University.
  • IT professionals and faculty should seek partnership opportunities for scholarly publication and invention disclosure that document meritorious research and discovery. Publication and dissemination of information created by professional staff has been an area of confusion because IU Intellectual Policy is difficult to interpret as regards the rights of authorship granted to professional staff.

Outcome: UITS has adopted a document of policy and practice entitled Scholarly publication and invention disclosures - guidance to UITS based on IU policies, informed by the Empowering People Information Technology Strategic Plan (Action 25). Because it is consistent with IU Intellectual Property policy, and has been reviewed by staff of the IU Research Technology Corporation, it may be used as a model and adopted (with or without modifications) by any other organizational subunit within IU.

This document clarifies the terms under which IU professional staff are allowed and encouraged to publish scholarly outcomes and disclose inventions, thus encouraging and enabling IU information technology staff so to do.

Empowering People Action 25 is thus considered operationalized.

Comment process: Direct questions or comments to Research Technologies

Benefits: The benefits of this document, and operationalizing Empowering People Action 25, is that innovations and discoveries by IU information technology staff will be better and more formally documented, thus adding to our society's formal body of knowledge and, as a side effect, improving IU's stature as a producer of knowledge.

Related information:

Project team:

  • Research Technologies
  • OVPIT Human Resources

Governance: Endorsed by OVPIT Division Leaders and VPIT

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