ARCHIVED: What is the Unix Systems Support Group?

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The Unix Systems Support Group (USSG) provides software, support, and resources for a wide range of technology, including Unix workstations, departmental Unix servers, cluster computing, distributed computing, and web portal development. The USSG licenses software for the Indiana University community in support of Unix and Unix variants, and also manages site licenses for applications software. USSG support is available free of charge to IU students, faculty, and staff, with extended support available for a fee. The USSG also provides system administration assistance. The USSG has resident staff members at IUB and IUPUI, and serves all eight IU campuses.

The USSG supports Sun Microsystems computers running SunOS or Solaris, Linux, and BSD/OS on the Intel hardware platform, and the Hewlett-Packard 9000 series running HP-UX. However, support and distribution of media for HP-UX platforms was discontinued July 1, 2004. The USSG will attempt to support other platforms, but such support is limited.

The USSG offers advanced technical consulting, security support, and network support for administrators of single and multiple Unix workstations. The USSG also acts as vendor liaison and purchasing representative for the IU community, with purchasing information on Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard.

At the USSG web page and FTP site, you'll find rich resources for Unix users and system administrators. The USSG home page offers online Unix tutorials, Unix mailing list subscription forms, online documentation for all supported Unix platforms, sample configurations and reviews of Unix systems, and information on software and hardware support contracts. The USSG FTP site archives a variety of licensed and unlicensed software, including compilers, OpenOffice, and Mozilla.

The USSG offers its baseline support services (email, phone, and walk-in consulting) free of charge to IU students, faculty, and staff, with extended support available for a fee. One popular extended consulting service is software support contracts for Sun Microsystems products. On-site consulting at your campus office or campus housing residence is also available. For details on the charges involved, send email to

Note: For tracking purposes, you should use the email address above. However, you may also contact the USSG by phone; at Indiana University Bloomington, call 812-855-2627, and at IUPUI, call 317-278-4737.

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