Internet access at home for remote study or work

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Get a hotspot

A limited number of 4G hotspots are available for students, faculty, and staff who need internet access at home during the current situation.

  • Students:
    • IUB: Contact the Division of Student Affairs at to request a hotspot. Student Affairs may correspond with the student and then contact the IT Ombuds, who will then coordinate shipping the hotspot to the student.
    • Other campuses: Students should contact their campus student affairs office.
  • Faculty and staff: Contact their IT Pro; IT Pros should contact the IT Ombuds,, who will have them mailed to their campus office.

Hotspot home screen

The hotspot's home screen displays internet data usage, and has Help and Menu buttons:

home screen displays data usage, clickable Wi-Fi-name/password, help, and menu

Find the model number, software and configuration versions, and wireless number

On the Home screen, tap Menu. Select About MiFi to display the device's model number, software and configuration version, and wireless and IMEI numbers.

menu and about mifi screens display device details

Change the data usage display

The data usage gauge displayed on MiFi 8000 hotspot screens is informational only, and typically doesn't represent the unlimited data available on devices issued by IU.

To change this setting:

  1. Connect the device to the MiFi 8000, and go to (The user's device must be connected to the MiFi 8000 hotspot.)
  2. Click > (the greater than sign) in the Data Usage block.

    Webpage to manage MiFi 8000 hotspot with arrow pointing to clickable greater-than sign

  3. When prompted for a password, enter the default password for the device; find it by pressing Wi-Fi Name/Password on the MiFi hotspot.
  4. Change the "Reset data counter on this day of the month" field to 3, and change the "Maximum data limit to 100.00.

    Displays fields to change data counter to 3 and maximum data to 50.00

  5. Click Save Changes. The hotspot device's home screen will now display the data and days left before a data reset will occur.
Although data usage is unlimited, the connection speed may be throttled to 256 Kbps if the user goes over 100 GB before the end of the cycle.

Get help

For help with hotspot devices, contact the UITS Support Center for escalation to the proper team. Unless it is an issue like plugging it in, turning it on, or pressing the password button, the Support Center will be limited in the help they can provide directly. Be ready to provide the device's MAC address and IMEI number.

The device's MAC address and the IMEI number can be found underneath the battery. Remove the back cover to pull the battery out. The IMEI number is also available from the Menu on the home screen; see the Hotspot home screen section above.

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