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Hotspot expiration

The Sprint branded hotspots are set to expire by the end of January 2022. T-Mobile is in process of retiring the legacy Sprint network in order to use that spectrum to improve the T-Mobile-s network. T-Mobile is swapping the legacy hotspot with T-Mobile branded ones.

Get a hotspot

A limited number of 5G T-Mobile hotspots are available for students, faculty, and staff who need internet access at home during the current situation.

  • Students:
    • IUB: Contact the Division of Student Affairs at to request a hotspot. Student Affairs will correspond with the student and oversee the authorization of a device that will be made available for pickup or shipped to the student.
    • Other campuses: Students should contact their campus student affairs office.
  • Faculty and staff: To check out a device for work purposes, complete the request form.

Coverage areas

The hotspots are provided through T-Mobile and the coverage of service is based on where they are currently providing service. To see if there is coverage where you would like to use the hotspot, go to the 5G & 4G Coverage map and enter your address.

Hotspot home screen

The hotspot's home screen displays internet data usage, and has Help and Menu buttons:

home screen displays data usage, clickable Wi-Fi-name/password, help, and menu

Find the model number, software and configuration versions, and wireless number

On the Home screen, tap Menu. Scroll down, and then select About to display the device's model number, software and configuration version, and wireless and IMEI numbers.


Data usage

Devices include 50 GB of data per month. Although data usage is unlimited, the connection speed may be throttled to 256 Kbps if the user goes over 50 GB before the end of the cycle.

Get help

For help with hotspot devices, it is best to contact T-Mobile Tech Support (877-879-5031). T-Mobile will be able to help address issues such as invalid Sim, battery not charging, and lost service in an area where you once had service.

You may also contact the UITS Support Center for escalation to the proper team. Unless it is an issue like plugging it in, turning it on, or pressing the password button, the Support Center will be limited in the help they can provide directly. Be ready to provide the device's MAC address and IMEI number.

The device's MAC address and the IMEI number can be found underneath the battery. Remove the back cover to pull the battery out. The IMEI number is also available from the Menu on the home screen; see the Hotspot home screen section above.

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