KMSREST: User creation

After determining your needs, KMS admins will create an account for you in the KMSREST production environment. You will receive an email message at the address you provided, with a subject of "IU KMS REST account creation" and the following message body:


The IU Knowledge Management System (KMS) has created a REST account for accessing the KMS rest interfaces. To complete the user creation and create the password, please follow this link:

If you did not make this request, please email us at

Thank you,
UITS Knowledge Management
Indiana University

Clicking the link will take you to the KMS environment to create a password:

Image of the KMSREST User Password interface

You can enter a password or click Auto generate, which will create a strong password:

Image of the KMSREST password generation tool

Click Use Password to use it in the form. When you have finished, click Submit; your REST account will be active immediately.

KMS admins cannot access or recover your password; save your password somewhere secure.

To change your password, go to the REST password reset at

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