Known issues with VoiceThread in Canvas at IU

VoiceThread is a learning tool that can be used to enhance student engagement and online presence. With VoiceThread, instructors and/or students can create, share, and comment on images, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio files, documents, and PDFs, using microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload. At Indiana University, the VoiceThread tool integrates into Canvas.

Following are known issues with IU's implementation of VoiceThread in the Canvas learning management system:

Issue Last updated Workaround

Microsoft Edge and Safari can be used to open and view VoiceThreads, but not to record audio or video, or to view student comments from the sidebar. Performance is slow.

March 5, 2018

Use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

(If Edge and/or Safari implement support for HTML5 in the future, audio and video recording in VoiceThread may be possible.)

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