About badging in Decision Support

Decision Support makes it easier for the Indiana University community to find existing reports and dashboards. The discovery tool uses badging to indicate the data quality of a report. A badge is represented graphically as a transparent "ribbon" layered over the lower right corner of a report icon.

Decision Support platinum, gold, silver, and bronze badging examples

Not every report will have a badge. Initially, badges will be assigned upon request. Report owners will be asked about the report's data source, update frequency, and whether its information has been used externally and sanctioned by University Institutional Research and Reporting (UIRR).

Badging in four categories is mainly determined by the source of the data:

  • Platinum: Uses central systems and is externally reported and sanctioned by UIRR
  • Gold: Uses data strictly from centralized systems
  • Silver: Uses data from a mixture of centralized systems and local data (data may also be locally calculated or interpreted)
  • Bronze: Uses data generated or maintained in a decentralized system (data reliability is subject only to local norms)

    Bronze is also considered the "users' choice" badge for reports using decentralized data. Its reports must be published on Decision Support for at least six months, rated at least four stars, and have at least five votes.

Update frequency and popularity do not influence badging.

For more information, contact ds@iu.edu.

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