Known issues with Windows 10 and Edge at IU

The table below lists known issues for Windows 10 RTM, Threshold 1, 2, and Redstone 1 at Indiana University.

Issue Description Known workarounds Status Last updated
OnBase The currently distributed version of OnBase (17 SP2) is supported in Windows 10, but is not supported with the Microsoft Edge browser. Known issue August 24, 2018
Shared network drives After a complete shutdown, shared network drives might be visible, and then disconnect for a short period of time before reconnecting.   Known issue August 3, 2016
IUanyWare (1) When using IUanyWare on a workstation with dual displays, if one display's text size setting is set to a value higher than 100%, you may have mouse alignment issues and see blank areas when dragging applications from the lower-resolution display to the higher-resolution display. Right-click Desktop, select Display Settings, and then, next to "Change the size of text, apps, and other items", select 100%. Known issue August 3, 2016
Launching Engage When launching Courseload Engage in Canvas, an error will appear if the initial pop-up is allowed: "HTTP 405 error That's odd... Microsoft Edge can't find this page". Close the "HTTP 405 error" tab and click LAUNCH COURSELOAD on the previous page. Courseload will open as expected. Choosing Always allow will prevent the error page from appearing in the future. Known issue August 3, 2016
ZEISS Microscopes not compatible ZEISS Microscopes has released a statement warning about incompatibility with Windows 10. Known issue August 3, 2016
IUanyWare (2) Citrix Receiver versions prior to 4.4 were not fully compatible. Resolved March 16, 2016
IUanyWare (3) Citrix Receiver versions prior to 4.4 experienced issues from upgrading and required a clean-up utility. Resolved March 16, 2016
Pulse Secure Versions previous to 5.1r51 were not compatible with Windows 10. Resolved October 9, 2015
Box Box was not supported. Box did not work with Edge, but worked with Internet Explorer. Resolved July 31, 2015

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