About the Data Center proxy service

The Data Center proxy service is available to system administrators who are Data Center customers and wish to have their servers on private IP space, which greatly limits possible attack vectors. The proxy service allows systems on private IP space to access specified IPs/URLs outside the Indiana University network to download necessary patches and updates.

To request the Data Center proxy service, go to the DataCenter Proxy Submission Form. Eventually, requests for the service will be incorporated into the Campus Network Portal.

  • This service will be limited to Data Center systems; Campus Networks reserves the right to review requested access to IPs/URLs.
  • All private IP space allocated in the Data Centers is allowed to reach Duo through the DC proxy without any special request or approval process.
  • Wildcard URLs are not currently supported.
  • You must be granted access to the proxy service before you can use it.

The proxy address is; use port 8080 for http traffic and port 8443 for https traffic.

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