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At Indiana University, the IU Certification for Active Learning Classrooms and Mosaic active learning classrooms establishes criteria for evaluating classrooms to indicate how conducive the spaces are to active learning pedagogies. For more about IU's certification criteria, including minimum requirements and the scoring system, see Certification for Active Learning Classrooms.

Purpose of certification

The active learning classroom and Mosaic classroom certification process aims to bring standardization to such classrooms across IU. The goal of using certification criteria is to ensure that any space designated an "active learning classroom" or a "Mosaic active learning classroom" meets clear and defined standards.

Determine whether a classroom is certified

To promote the availability of active learning classrooms at IU, a room's certification score is included in its IU Classroom Database listing, along with room specifications, images, and support materials. Mosaic active learning classrooms are identified with a room placard to indicate their distinction.

To see a list of certified classrooms on your campus, go to the IU Classroom Database, select your campus, and select the desired level under "Active learning certification" (Traditional classroom, Active learning classroom, or Mosaic active learning classroom).

Certification term

A classroom's certification is valid for three years. When a certification expires, the classroom can be evaluated and scored again.

Certify a general inventory classroom

To certify a general inventory classroom:

  1. Identify the space(s) to be considered for certification.
  2. Complete the Certification for Active Learning Classrooms request form.
  3. The certification team will review the room. If it meets initial criteria, the team will schedule a time to conduct an on-site or virtual walkthrough with a university designee.

Active Learning Certification Team

The Active Learning Certification Team is made up of members of UITS Learning Spaces with a combined expertise in classroom design, faculty outreach, and support for classroom equipment, collaboration technologies, and active learning pedagogies. If you have questions about the certification process, email cthelp@iu.edu or call 812-856-2020.

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