About SecureMyResearch

SecureMyResearch provides self-service resources and one-on-one consulting to help Indiana University researchers, faculty, and staff protect regulated and unregulated research data. Its purpose is to reduce the burden of meeting cybersecurity and compliance requirements in grants, contracts, and data use agreements so that IU researchers can concentrate on conducting world-class research.

SecureMyResearch has three components, all of which are offered at no fee to the IU community:

  • Cookbook: The SecureMyResearch Cookbook is a self-service web resource designed to make securing research data easier for IU researchers. It offers information and recipes (step-by-step directions) developed by IU technology and cybersecurity experts for seamlessly incorporating security and compliance into your research workflows. Many of the recipes are pre-approved for certain types of Critical data, including HIPAA-protected personal health information (PHI). Search the Cookbook by keyword, or browse available recipes organized by research area, topic, and/or regulation. Click the recipe to view step-by-step directions for ensuring security and compliance.
  • Consulting: SecureMyResearch provides a single contact (securemyresearch@iu.edu) for one-on-one help with research-related cybersecurity and compliance questions, such as:
    • Which UITS Research Technologies systems best fit my research use case?
    • What is the right level of security for my research data?
    • How do I design a workflow that keeps my data secure?
    • Which UITS Research Technologies systems and services can help me comply with rules and regulations governing the security and privacy of research data?
    • Can IU support the cybersecurity/compliance requirements included in my grant, contract, or data use agreement?
    • How do I satisfy this rule or regulation?
    • What do the cybersecurity terms included in my grant, contract, or data use agreement mean?
    • Where do I find boilerplate text about a UITS Research Technologies system's security that I can include in my proposal?
    • How do I document compliance?
  • Advocacy: SecureMyResearch provides a way to communicate your concerns, questions, and feedback to the appropriate stakeholders. To report any errors or omissions in the Cookbook, or to send critiques, suggestions for improvements, new use cases/recipes, or any other positive or negative feedback, email securemyresearch@iu.edu.

SecureMyResearch is sponsored by the Offices of the Vice Presidents of IT and Research, and delivered jointly by the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR), the OVPIT Information Security division, and UITS Research Technologies.

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