Outdoor wireless availability at IU

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Outdoor wireless is currently supported in select locations across Indiana University.

The performance of outdoor wireless can vary depending on weather conditions as well as other unpredictable elements.

IU Bloomington

  • IMU Solarium patio
  • Forrest Avenue Parking Garage
  • Goodbody Hall patio
  • Sembower Field

IU Indianapolis

  • Lot 92, N. Blackford Street, near Gateway Garage
  • Breezeway between Business/SPEA and Engineering/Technology buildings
  • Inlow Hall Courtyard

IU Columbus

  • Campus Center, Arnold Street parking lot

IU East

  • Tom Raper Hall parking lot
  • Student Event Center parking lot

IU Kokomo

  • Main Building, Havens parking lot next to the Well House

IU Northwest

  • Hawthorn Hall, Green space - West
  • Moraine, Green space parking – Northeast
  • Moraine, Green space – Southwest
  • Moraine, Green space parking – Northwest
  • Moraine, Green space - Southeast
  • Moraine, Green space - West
  • Raintree, Green space - North
  • Raintree, Green space - South
  • Library, Pavilion - North
  • Dunes, Green space - East

IU South Bend

  • Student Activities Center parking lot

IU Southeast

  • Amphitheatre area (Hawthorne) parking lot
  • Multipurpose Building (Child Care Center) parking lot
  • Shelter house area (by lake)
  • University Center (North and South areas)

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