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Beginning with summer 2023 classes, all Indiana University classes (except for the IU School of Medicine) using Top Hat will use the LTI 1.3 version. If you are setting up a course for a future semester, use the instructions for Top Hat (LTI 1.3) in Get started with Top Hat at IU.

An enhancement to the attendance tool in Top Hat allows Indiana University to determine whether a student attended a hybrid class session in person or joined online, in order to facilitate contact tracing. When instructors activate the standard attendance tool in a Top Hat session, students will be prompted to indicate whether or not they are attending the class in person when they are entering the attendance code:

Top Hat attendance screen with question about in-person attendance

  • This enhancement works in mobile apps and browsers. Students using mobile apps should check to make sure they have the updated version of the iOS or Android app.
  • Students submitting the attendance code via SMS text message cannot indicate how they are attending.

Enable the attendance tool (instructors)

To enable the attendance tool in your hybrid class:

  1. In your Top Hat course, in the top right corner, click your name, and then select Course Settings.
  2. Under the Attendance tab, check Configure attendance for hybrid classes, and then click Save.

For more, see Professor: Configuring attendance for hybrid classes.

Submit attendance (students)

To submit your attendance:

  1. When your instructor takes attendance, enter the code and click the appropriate button to indicate if you are attending in person or not.
  2. Submit your attendance.

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