Request and manage access to specialized high performance computing (HPC) resources

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Principal investigators (PIs) can use IU HPC Projects to request and administer projects on specialized high performance computing (HPC) resources supported by UITS Research Technologies.

If you have questions about requesting and updating projects for specialized HPC resources at IU, email UITS Research Applications and Deep Learning (RADL).


As of September 11, 2022, requests for access to the Carbonate GPU partition must be submitted via RT Projects and no longer via the IU HPC Projects platform.

To resume access to the Carbonate GPU partition for users belonging to a project previously submitted and approved through IU HPC Projects, the project's submitter or indicated Principal Investigator must create a new project via RT Projects. Project descriptions from IU HPC Projects may be reused or updated; the My Projects tab at IU HPC Projects will remain available for referencing previous submissions.

If you have questions about requesting or updating projects through RT Projects, email the RT Projects development team.

Request a new project

To request a project:

  1. At IU HPC Projects, on the New Project tab, click to select a resource:


    • Carbonate Precision Health Initiative (PHI) Carbonate Nodes
    • Big Red 3 Grand Challenge Partition


    • cBioPortal


    • Geode-Project
  2. In the "Project Title" field, enter a title for your project.
  3. In the "Project Description" field, enter a brief description or abstract. If requesting a computing resource, include any applications and workflows you intend to use; if requesting a storage resource, indicate whether your data will include HIPAA-regulated personal health information (PHI).
  4. Provide the PI's IU username
    • If you are submitting the request on behalf of your PI, in the field provided, enter the IU username of the faculty member who will serve as PI for the project.
    • If you are the PI, make sure I am a faculty member and the Principal Investigator for this project is selected, and enter your IU username in the field provided.
  5. To provide access for lab members, select Add Lab Members, and then enter the IU username of each individual or group account that should be associated with your project.
  6. Depending on the resource, you may need to provide additional system-specific details about your intended use; these additional fields will appear when an applicable resource is selected.
  7. To submit your request, at the bottom, click SUBMIT.

Add, edit, or remove lab members

When your project request is submitted, you will be notified by the team managing the resource you requested, and your request will appear on the My Projects tab in IU HPC Projects, along with the approval status and list of associated usernames.

If you have an approved project on the Big Red 3 Grand Challenge partition, you can add and remove lab members from the My Projects tab:

  1. For the appropriate project, on the right, under "Action", select add/remove lab members.
  2. Select the Add/Remove Lab Members radio button.
    • To add a lab member, enter the IU username of the lab member in the field provided. If you need to add more lab members, to the right, click Add More to generate more username fields
    • To edit a lab member, edit the field containing the lab member's username.
    • To remove a lab member, to the right of the lab member's username, click the Trash Can icon to the right of the appropriate username.

    Add lab members

  3. To save your changes, at the bottom, click Update Project Data.

Lab members added to an approved project should be able to access the resource within several hours.

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