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In January 2021, the Sitehost test servers were upgraded from MySQL 5.7 to 8.0. Sitehost production servers were upgraded in February 2021.


  • January 28, 2021: The Sitehost test server ( was upgraded to MySQL 8.0.
  • February 28, 2021: The Sitehost production server ( was upgraded to MySQL 8.0.

Features and changes

  • In MySQL 8.0, the preferred authentication plugin (caching_sha2_password) is more secure than MySQL's previous default authentication plugin (mysql_native_password).
  • For a full list of changes in MySQL 8.0, see the MySQL documentation.


  • Update websites that use full-featured solutions, like WordPress, Drupal, and MachForm, to the latest versions of the software and any installed plugins.
  • Update any software you use to connect to the MySQL for Sitehost databases, such as MySQL Workbench, to the latest version. MySQL Workbench version 8.0 or later is required to connect to MySQL 8.0 servers.

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