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Kaybee the Chatbot is a virtual assistant that's designed to help you find answers to your IU technology questions. (It doesn't know about everything related to IU.) Kaybee uses artificial intelligence to determine the best answers, and will grow more proficient at providing the best answers as more technology questions are asked.

Kaybee can answer a lot of questions now, but because it's still learning, you can expect to get some wrong answers. As Kaybee gets more feedback from humans, it will refine and improve its responses over time.

UITS partnered with ivy.ai to provide Kaybee the Chatbot, which uses content sourced from this Knowledge Base.

Tips for searching effectively

  • Enter more than one word
  • Check your spelling
  • Ask Kaybee only one question at a time related to a single issue
  • Break multiple issues into separate questions or chat sessions
  • Ensure your question is related to technology at IU

Good examples:

  • change my passphrase
  • i need a duo token
  • i lost my university ID
  • need help registering a device on publicnet

Poor examples:

  • device

    Too general for Kaybee to answer well

  • how do i locate my cousin's email address at iu

    Too specific; too many words

  • analysis of social change

    Not related to technology at IU

  • can't log into my exchange email, print at the wells library, or access shared folders in google drive

    Separate issues included in one message

Use Kaybee the Chatbot

  1. Click the Kaybee the Chatbot icon near the bottom of Knowledge Base pages or other pages where it appears (for example, UITS help and support).
    Chatbot icon robot-like face
  2. If you express dissatisfaction with an answer, or if Kaybee is unable to answer your question, you'll be presented with the option to connect via live chat with a Support Center staff member.
    To initiate a support chat session with a consultant right away, enter agent.
  3. To restart or clear your conversation, click the broom icon at the bottom of Kaybee's screen.

Provide feedback

To give feedback on a response the chatbot gives, click either the thumbs up or thumbs down icon to indicate whether the response was helpful.

If you'd like to provide additional feedback on your interaction with Kaybee the Chatbot, when your chat is complete, click the X in the top right corner of the window. This will give you the option to rate the quality of your interaction, as well as request a copy of your chat transcript. You may also email additional feedback directly to uitsbot@iu.edu.

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