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If your scheduled Tableau extract fails to refresh on the server, you'll receive an email notification at 4am, regardless of when the failure occurred during the previous 24 hours. This is because each morning at 4am, the Tableau server checks for failures in the past 24 hours and notifies the publisher. Therefore, each message sent at 4am corresponds to a failure that happened at some point between 4am the previous day and 4am on the morning the message is sent. This can be confusing; new Tableau publishers sometimes think the message indicates that the failure occurred at 4am, or that it is a new failure for a problem they corrected the previous day.

Message content

The Tableau extract failure email message includes the following information:

  • Tableau server name
  • Tableau site name
  • Tableau project name
  • Name of the workbook with the failed extract
  • Extract failure message

Sample failure message

The sample email message below is for a workbook named "Off Campus Students" in the BL-EDSS project in the TST site on the Test Tableau server. The error encountered is "Suspended: skipped".

You are receiving this email because a workbook or datasource you uploaded to Tableau TST ( has failed to refresh.

The following extract on has failed at least one refresh in the past 24 hours:

Off Campus Students (site:tst) (project:BL-EDSS) (

The extract failed with the following error:

Suspended: skipped

If your extract continues to fail to refresh, it will be removed from any schedules it is currently on. You will receive an additional notification if this happens.

Common failure messages

Failure message Meaning
Suspended: skipped
The extract has failed five times in a row, so it is now suspended. Someone will need to correct the underlying problem and manually rerun the extract for it to stop being suspended and run on the schedule again.
Check credentials for typos and confirm that you can access the database directly
Verify the credentials for the extract are correct. If they are, this error could mean the user connecting to the data source may lack permissions on the object(s) in the query. Connect directly to the database with the user and see if that is the case.
com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.exceptions.ConnectivityException: timeout expired
A timeout failure could mean the server you are connecting to is performing poorly or became unavailable during the extract run. Verify the server the extract is connecting to is performing properly.

For more about common failures, see Handle Extract Refresh Alerts.

Learn more

For more about refreshing Tableau workbooks and extracts, see Refresh Data Sources and Extract Your Data.

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