About the Course Attribute Editor

The Course Attribute Editor is an IU-developed tool for Canvas administrators. Located in the account navigation menu for all Canvas accounts (as well as the Canvas Provisioning course), this tool allows administrators to view the identity attributes (including the SIS IDs) of any Canvas course and to edit the attributes of non-SIS courses and sections. Schools and departments that provision non-credit courses, sections, and enrollments can use the tool to add or update SIS IDs in manually created courses.

This tool allows Canvas administrators to look up any course in Canvas, including courses in accounts where they do not have administrative privileges. Administrators should limit use of the Edit function to courses within their administrative purview.

To use the tool:

  1. Log into Canvas with an account that has administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to any Canvas account or to the Canvas Provisioning course.
  3. From the account navigation menu, launch the Course Attribute Editor.
  4. Enter the Canvas course ID for the course you want to look up and click Find. The Canvas course ID is the number following .../courses/ in the course URL (for example, https://iu.instructure.com/courses/2025969).

    The following attributes of the course and its child sections, including SIS IDs, will display:

    • Canvas course ID
    • Course title
    • Course code
    • Course SIS ID
    • Section name (for each section)
    • Section SIS ID (for each section)
  5. If the course is not an official SIS course, an Edit button will appear above the attribute listing. To edit the course or section attributes, click Edit. Attributes that do not contain official SIS IDs can be edited.
  6. To save your changes, click Save.

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