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In AdRx, the Insights tab centralizes important student engagement data and alerts in a single space to enhance advising conversations and promote advisor awareness of student academic performance. AdRx Alerts, located on the Insights tab, contains student academic information such as negative SER feedback, low grade alerts from SER, and, over time, additional feedback that could signal that a student needs support or outreach.


The Insights tab is located next to the Student Summary tab on any individual student's AdRx record. Next to "Insights", the tab will display a number in parentheses indicating the number of alerts the student currently has. To access student insights and alerts, click the Insights tab.

Insights tab with alerts displayed

If the student does not currently have any alerts, or if you don't have proper permissions to view student data, the Insights tab will be blank.

The Insights tab does not refresh automatically. To see recently added information, refresh your browser.


On the Insights tab, an "Alerts" panel displays the alert summary and the date each alert was raised; for SER alerts, the date is based on the submission date of SER feedback. Following is a list of possible alerts:

  • The student has received a low SER grade (early evaluation grade or current grade)
    • Low grades are: D+, D, D-, F, and FM (BL early evaluation only)
  • The student has received negative SER feedback
    • Over 50 observations and recommendations from SER will trigger an alert.
  • The student is not enrolled full time
    • Based on career and term
  • The student has not met with advisor
    • This is term-specific
  • Term withdrawn
    • Any term withdrawal codes not NWD will trigger an alert
The alert count on the Insights tab may be slightly higher than the SER information on the Student Summary tab because of a slight delay in how the student summary SER information is updated.

Also on the Insights tab, the "Appointments" panel displays the previous and upcoming appointment information for the student. The "Previous appointments" section indicates whether the student attended the appointment or if they were a "no-show".

The final panel on the Insights tab is the SER panel, which displays the instructor-submitted class engagement feedback to create the alert for each class and the most recent date of feedback submission. To see the student's full SER feedback, click View SER feedback.

When alerts clear

Alerts clear (expire) at the end of the term in AdRx or when the alert is no longer valid. Examples are:

  • A student received negative SER feedback in a class, and the negative SER feedback alert displays. The student then receives new positive SER feedback in the same class, and the negative alert no longer displays.
  • A student begins the semester (or drops) below full-time status, but the student then enrolls in additional hours to be full-time, so the alert no longer displays.

The alerts on the Insights tab will be cleared three times per year, on the following dates:

  • January 1: Fall alerts cleared
  • May 16: Spring alerts cleared
  • August 16: Summer alerts cleared

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