Remove people from your Canvas course in bulk

There may be occasions when you want to remove several, many, or even all of the users in your course at once. Since Canvas doesn't allow users to be removed in bulk via the user interface, Indiana University has developed a custom Bulk Remove Users tool for this purpose. Only course instructors and Canvas admins can use this tool.

  • You cannot use Bulk Remove Users to remove yourself from a course.
  • SIS enrollments cannot be removed with this tool. You can, however, use it to remove:
    • People added manually to an SIS course section
    • People added to an ad-hoc (non-SIS) section in an SIS course
    • People added to any section in a non-credit (non-SIS) course

The Bulk Remove Users app is located in the Canvas People tool. To launch and use the app:

  1. In Canvas, navigate to the course where you want to remove users.
  2. In the course navigation menu, click People. The Canvas People tool will open.
  3. In the People tool, click Bulk Remove Users. Allow time for the tool to build the roster of eligible enrollments. In larger classes, this can take a minute or two.
  4. The roster is sorted by name (Last, First) and includes a separate row for each eligible section enrollment. People enrolled in more than one section or with more than one role per section may appear more than once.
  5. To remove users by role, select the desired roles (or All users) at the top of the page; checks will appear to the left of everyone in the selected roles. To remove users by name, check the boxes for the individuals you wish to remove. You may also combine role- and name-based selections.
  6. When you've finished making selections, click Remove Selected Users.
  7. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click Yes, remove to complete the action, or Cancel to return to the main screen.

A green confirmation message will appear when all of the selected users have been removed from the course.

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