IUPUI Data Center specifications

Supporting: Academic and administrative business critical systems, research systems, and campus computing system-wide

Executive summary

The IUPUI Data Center serves business critical systems and houses host systems that may fall under Federal or other data protection requirements. This may include, but is not limited to: FERPA, PCI, HIPAA. IUPUI is serviced by UPS and backup generators. The IUPUI Data Center provides the campus computing system with 121 computer cabinets. UITS has co-location contracts with Ivy Tech Community College and the University of Michigan (Hathi Trust), with 20 computer cabinets supporting power as high as 15 kW per cabinet.

The EP is intended to, at minimum, support NIST Moderate and similar physical compliance requirements. UITS will work with each client to mutually support compliance as required.

IUPUI Data Center key specifications

  • Provide capacity for 141 cabinets (475 kW)
  • Cabinet maximum power capacity varies between 5-15 kW, depending on the location
  • Cabinet voltage capacity: 208 V
    110 V will have extremely limited support
  • UPS 1 & 2 battery capacity: 15 minutes
  • UPS 3 & 4/flywheel capacity: 12-15 seconds of run time at 100% load
  • Generator capacity is available to support the entire IUPUI Data Center
  • Cabinet weight ratings:
    • Maximum compute aisle floor loading is 312 lbs./sq. ft.
    • Example: 312 lbs. * (8) sq. ft. cabinet = 2,496 lbs.
  • Cooling is provided by chilled water, computer room air handler (CRAH) cooling units
  • Room operating temperature is 72° F


  • All clients are responsible for data protection, integrity, and destruction.
  • All business critical systems are required to support redundant power supplies.
  • Where possible, clients will use the Data Center rack management standards supporting common power grounding/bonding, cabinet interconnection, and internal rack wiring. Cables should be neatly dressed. All cables should be properly labeled so they can be easily identified. Refer to "TIA/EIA-942 Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers", section 5.11.
  • Cabinet weight ratings will adhere to the raised floor, receiving, and staging room limitations.
  • Generator is available for power backup.
  • All third-party vendors will adhere to the design criteria of the IUPUI Data Center.
  • Any customization to IUPUI Data Center space will be funded by project owners and managed by UITS.
The shutdown sequence and durations will be based on load, outside temperature, chiller water flow rates, and total room load.

Lead times

The average lead time for a cabinet solution is four to six weeks, depending on quantity. UITS will work with each client to minimize lead time. If desired, clients may pre-purchase standard equipment, which would be installed on the compute floor in preparation for any pending server installations.

IUPUI RFP specifications

Indiana University EPOD general requirements:

  • Cabinet general requirements:
    • All cabinets to be APC model AR3157 29"W 42"D and 48RU tall
    • All cabinets to be no taller than 48RU tall
    • Maximum weight ratings of each cabinet not to exceed 312 lbs./sq. ft.
    • All cabinets to be weighed, and details provided, prior to shipment
    • All cabinets will have actual weight clearly marked
    • Each project to provide inside or "white glove" delivery of all equipment
    • Project is responsible for removing all packing material and trash; recommend vendor be held responsible for this effort
    • Loaded equipment cabinets will be delivered directly to the computer floor
  • Cabinet power:
    • All devices to accommodate 208 V
    • Each cabinet maximum power load can be obtained by contacting Data Center Operations (DCOPS)
    • All standard cabinet distribution units (CDUs) will be single-phase power distribution; three-phase available
    • CDU input connectors will use an L6-30, 30 amp
    • All computer power cables are to be C13/C14 or C19/C20
    • All CDUs, at minimum, provide for monitoring total power; temperature, humidity optional
    • Outlet level monitoring is optional
    • Switched outlets are optional
  • Cooling: The Data Center is cooled with the use of chilled water delivered to CRAH units; see the floor plan below for configuration details.
  • Network:
    • Copper and fiber integration to follow university standards
    • Network egress to campus will use standard infrastructure through the "network" cabinets in each row
    • Network cabling will be mounted in the overhead cable management system
    • Project to provide patch cables
IUPUI Data Center floor plan

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