Report a phishing message in Outlook

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Report Message is an add-in for Outlook that allows you to quickly report suspected phishing messages.

At IU, the Report Message add-in for Microsoft Outlook replaced the PhishMe Reporter add-in, which has been discontinued.

Report a phish

When you receive email that appears to be a phishing attempt:

  1. In Outlook, open the message you've identified as a phishing attempt.
  2. Select Report Message in the ribbon's Home tab.

    In Outlook on the web, you may need to open the message, select the three dots on the upper right ("More actions"), and then select Report Message.

    If you don't see the add-in:

    • If you have a "Browse add-ins" option in your ribbon, you can search there to find and install the add-in.
    • Alternatively, follow Microsoft's Get the Report Message add-in.
  3. Select Phishing, and follow the prompts to report the phish to the Information Security & Policy Office.

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