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RT Projects is a website where Indiana University students, faculty, and staff can request access to cyberinfrastructure resources for research and instructional needs. RT Projects helps Research Technologies track usage levels for projects and individual users, providing deeper insight into the needs of research cyberinfrastructure users at IU and aiding in the estimation of future resource needs.

RT Projects is powered by ColdFront, an open source resource allocation management system created by the University of Buffalo Center for Computational Research.

Project requests

IU faculty and staff can request projects and be the principal investigator (PI) of their projects. IU students can request projects but need to have a faculty or staff member designated as the PI. If an IU student is not currently working with a faculty or staff member, but wishes to explore supercomputing through IU’s HPC resources, they can request access to an "HPC for Students" project, see HPC for Students below.

Project requests must include a short description of your research or intended coursework and a list of IU usernames that will need access to your project's resource allocations.

Once a project is created, the PI is assigned the manager role for the project; if someone else submitted the project, that person is assigned the manager role, as well. Only managers can add and remove users, request resource allocations, or appoint additional managers.

  • Someone other than the PI can submit a project request, but the PI will need to log in to RT Projects before the request is submitted.
  • IU group accounts cannot submit project requests or become managers, but they can be added to a project's allocations.

For information about requesting a project in RT Projects, see Use RT Projects to request and manage access to specialized Research Technologies resources.

HPC for Students

The "HPC for Students" project is intended for student self-study. Membership expires at the end of the semester; to rejoin the project, students will need to request access again.

To request access to the "HPC for Students" project, go to RT Projects and search for the PI Username lamhuber. Under "HPC For Students", select Request Access. For more on how to search for a project, see Search for a project.

Multiple projects

Most research groups will find that a single "Research" project is sufficient for managing user access to all of their resource allocations. Creating one "Research" project that includes everyone in your research group helps ensure that everyone has the access to resources they need for their work; it also simplifies the process of renewing your project.

Principal investigators that lead multiple major projects may create more than one "Research" project. Keeping major projects separate helps Research Technologies better understand how each project is using its allocated resources and how to best support its users.

For instructional use, instructors should create separate "Class" projects for each of their classes.

Resource allocations

Once your project request is submitted, you can submit allocation requests for the cyberinfrastructure resources your project will use.

RT Projects provides resource allocations on the following IU research supercomputers (additional Research Technologies resources will be phased in over time):

For more about allocation requests, see Use RT Projects to request and manage access to specialized Research Technologies resources.

Project renewals

To help keep RT Projects information current, PIs must renew their projects annually.

"Research" projects and their associated allocations expire annually on June 30; "Class" projects and their allocations expire at the end of each semester.

For information about renewing a project, see Use RT Projects to request and manage access to specialized Research Technologies resources.

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