ARCHIVED: Glossary help

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The Knowledge Base (KB) ARCHIVED: Glossary provides a collection of documents that define many computing terms. Jump to a specific term by selecting its first letter from the index at the beginning of the glossary.

Following each term is a question that asks for the definition of the term. Each question is linked to a KB document that defines the term.

At the bottom of each document are links to other relevant documents, most of which are not in the glossary.

At the top of each document is a search box. If the definition of a term does not provide you with enough information, try searching the KB for this or related terms. For example, if you type firewire in the search box and click Search, you will receive a list of all the documents in the Knowledge Base related to FireWire.

The glossary interface lists only its definitional documents. All KB documents, however, are available by searching. See Knowledge Base search help.

This is document ghlp in the Knowledge Base.
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