At IUPUI, what is a Jagtag?

Current campus cards, including CampusAccess, Jagtag, UCard, and others, are being replaced by CrimsonCard, the new official photo ID card for all IU campuses. For details, see About CrimsonCard.

At IUPUI, a Jagtag is the official identification card for students, faculty, and staff.

Students can use Jagtags as debit cards and calling cards, and also to check out library books, buy discounted software in the IUPUI bookstore, and print in the Student Technology Centers (STCs).

Faculty and staff can use Jagtags for the copiers in Ball Residence Hall, Dental School, Herron School of Art, Law Library, Medical Library, Nursing School, Psychology Department, and University Library. Faculty and staff can also use Jagtags for on-campus purchases by signing up for the Jagtag Deduct Program.

For details about getting a Jagtag, how to deposit funds, and what to do if it's lost or stolen, see Jagtag Frequently Asked Questions.

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