About EdCert classes at IU

EdCert, or Education Certification, is a UITS initiative aimed at elevating the level of expertise in departmental computing support and building a solid technical infrastructure at Indiana University. The EdCert Program offers advanced technical training to local UITS support people, currently enrolled IU students, and faculty who teach advanced technical skills in their courses. Topics include Microsoft Windows, Unix system administration, and Windows and Unix Security, among others.

Microsoft and CompTIA EdCert classes are designed for computing support providers registered with UITS as local UITS support people. The Windows classes use Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) and are taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs). CompTIA classes are taught using CompTIA Approved Courseware by CompTIA Certified Trainers.

Most EdCert classes require a prerequisite course or fundamental knowledge of core basic computing skills. EdCert classes have different fees depending on course length; most EdCert courses are five days long.

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