ARCHIVED: In Windows, how do I use FTP in my web browser to upload and download files to a server that requires a password?

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For file transfers to and from UITS systems at Indiana University, you must use an SFTP client.

The procedure below will work with current versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox for Windows.

To transfer files via FTP using your web browser in Windows:

  1. From the File menu, choose Open Location....
  2. In the "Location" field, type a URL like the following:

    For example, if your username is dvader, and you want to reach your account on, enter:

    Note: Do not close the URL with a /, or you will connect to the root directory rather than your home directory.

  3. You will be prompted for your password. After you supply the password, you will see the contents of your home directory on the remote machine. To change directories, click the appropriate yellow folder icon.
  4. To download a file, drag the file from the browser window to the desktop. You can also double-click the filename, and you will be prompted to either save or open the file.
  5. To upload a file, drag the file from your hard drive to the browser window.

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