At IU, what SSH/SFTP clients are supported and where can I get them?

Secure FTP (SFTP) is a means of transferring files securely using SSH. It is functionally similar to FTP, but FTP clients cannot communicate with SFTP servers. If you need to transfer files with a host that requires an SFTP connection, UITS and the University Information Security Office (UISO) recommend the following:


SSH Communications Security has discontinued support for non-commercial versions of SSH Secure Shell. As a result, SSH Secure Shell is no longer available for download from IUware or the SSH website.

Mac OS X

  • Cyberduck is a donationware program for Mac OS X and Windows. Go to the Cyberduck home page, and download the latest installation package.
  • OpenSSH is a command-line SSH suite for Unix. It is packaged with Mac OS X and accessible through the Terminal.

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