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Captioning and transcript features are now integrated into Kaltura (including Mediaspace and Canvas). The captioning service allows faculty and staff to order captions and transcripts for media uploaded into Kaltura. The captions and transcripts are automatically integrated with the media upon completion.


  • Upload media into Kaltura Mediaspace.
  • Order caption for media; for instructions, see Order, download, and edit captions or transcripts in Kaltura.
  • Orders for professional captions are moderated. If you don't already have an account with the captioning service, you will be contacted via your official IU email address to arrange for billing.
  • Once captions are completed, they will automatically appear in the Kaltura player.

Caption fidelity: mechanical vs. professional

Captions and transcripts can be generated at two fidelity (quality) levels: mechanical and professional.

Mechanical (free)

The mechanical fidelity setting results in fully automatic (machine generated) captions. The quality of mechanical captions will vary and are not of sufficient quality to be suitable for the hearing impaired and should not be used as such. They are intended to be a base for creating accurate captions via the captions editor and to facilitate search, interactive transcripts, and other features.

Mechanical captions are generated automatically when new media is uploaded into Kaltura and can be ordered for existing media at no cost. For instructions on editing captions in Kaltura, see Order, download, and edit captions or transcripts in Kaltura.

Professional (for fee)

The professional fidelity setting results in captions that have been human edited for higher quality results. You may still wish to review and edit the captions in videos that have specialized vocabulary or poor audio quality. Professional fidelity captions are not free. The cost depends on the selected turnaround time; see Costs.

Turnaround times

Two options for turnaround time exist when ordering professional fidelity captions. You can order either 7-day or 48-hour turnaround time. The option you choose will affect the cost; see Costs for details. Requests for mechanical captions are completed in under 24 hours.


Costs are affected by the following choices in fidelity and turnaround time:

  7-day turnaround 48-hour turnaround
Mechanical fidelity* Free Free
Professional fidelity $1.42 per minute** $1.62 per minute**

* Mechanical fidelity processing is normally completed in less than a day.

**Cost will be computed by rounding up to next whole minute.

Interactive transcript feature

The interactive transcript feature allows users watching your video to do keyword searches, follow along with the transcript, click on any word to quickly jump to that point in the video, and download the transcript if needed.

Requests for adding the interactive transcript feature to the Kaltura player are on a per-account basis; contact the UITS Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center at atac@iu.edu or 812-856-4112.

Student accommodations

Captioning requests for students who have been authorized to receive captions as an accommodation will be made at no charge to the faculty.

Get help

If you have questions, comments, or problems using the service, contact the UITS Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center at atac@iu.edu or 812-856-4112.

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