IUB Carry-in Consulting services and pricing

Carry-in Consulting is a fee-based service that the UITS Support Center provides to students, faculty, staff, and affiliates of Indiana University Bloomington. Carry-in Consulting handles software and operating system (OS) problems only, not hardware.

If you have hardware problems (e.g., a bad wireless card or a damaged CD-ROM drive), contact the manufacturer or a local computer repair store.

Carry-in Consulting provides the following services:

  • OS installation: $75

    Initial charge includes the complete installation of an operating system and requested software, data backup up to 15 GB is included. Any additional data backup beyond 15 GB is considered a separate service with a fee of $35 for up to 100 GB of data.

    Note: Installation of Boot Camp (i.e., installing Windows on a Mac computer) is considered an OS installation, and as such is available under this service.

    As part of this service, if your network access has been disabled due to a University Information Policy Office (UIPO) block, Carry-in Consulting can re-enable your DHCP access after performing the rebuild and completing all steps required by UIPO.

    Note: You will need to provide your own OS installation disks. You can purchase these from IU; see At the Support Center walk-in location in the Learning Commons at IUB, what products and services are available for purchase? You can purchase Mac OS X from the IU Bookstores.

  • Data backup: $35

    Up to 100 GB of data is included per $35 charge. Data backups exceeding 100 GB are treated as multiple requests of the same service, and will be charged an additional $35 for every additional 100 GB or portion thereof.

    Data may be burned to a CD/DVD, transferred to an external drive provided by the customer, or stored on the Support Center storage servers for a period not exceeding 30 days.

  • Other software services: starting at $35

    Services that do not fall under the above categories are subject to a minimum charge of $35. This fee includes up to five items; additional services may be requested for $5 per item. Examples of these services include administrator password resets (see Setting and resetting a Windows administrator password), software/driver installation, and network/security setup.

All work is performed at the Support Center walk-in office in the Learning Commons in the Herman B Wells Library. Service fees are due in full upon completion of service; for payment methods, see What payment methods does the IUB Support Center walk-in location in the Learning Commons accept?

Note: You must bring your computer to the Support Center office; pick-up service is not available. For laptops, the power cord is required at check-in for all services. The service is first-come, first-served with an average turnaround time of two business days. During heavy volume periods (e.g., virus outbreaks, move-in week, and the first two weeks of the fall semester), the average turnaround time is three or more business days.

If you have additional questions, contact IUB Carry-in Consulting at 812-856-3190.

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