ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, how can I redirect several courses I'm teaching to a single course?

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UITS no longer supports original Oncourse. For information about Indiana University's current version of Oncourse, see ARCHIVED: What is Oncourse?

In Oncourse, you can redirect multiple courses to a single "master" course, so that you need to maintain only one syllabus, schedule, and set of course materials for all of them. You can also choose to combine all the students into a single roster or to keep the class rosters independent.

With combined rosters, students in all classes redirected to a common master course will share every feature of the course; this includes not only its syllabus and schedule, but also the use of its chat rooms and discussion forums, allowing collaboration among sections. If you do not combine the rosters, only the syllabus and schedule will be shared.

To use a single master class, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have authoring privileges in both courses (i.e., the one that you're redirecting and the one you're designating as master). If you want to redirect a course to a master course for which you do not have authoring privileges, ask the Faculty of Record for the master course to add you as an author.
  2. Log into Oncourse and select a non-master course section to redirect.
  3. From Authoring Tools, choose General Course Settings. (For information about accessing Authoring Tools, see the Knowledge Base document ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, how do I access Authoring Tools?)
  4. In the "Redirect" pull-down menu, choose another one of your existing courses or sections as the master course.
  5. If you choose to combine the class rosters, recognize that you may not be able to separate them again without causing problems.
  6. To make your changes active, click Save.
  7. Repeat the steps above for each non-master section that you wish to redirect to the master course.

Oncourse will automatically create a group in the "master" course containing the students from your redirected course. This group cannot be deleted.

Note: Once you have redirected a course, the only access to that course is through Authoring Tools from the profile of the person listed as Faculty of Record. Other people (such as AIs) who have authoring privileges for the course will no longer be able to reach it at all.

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