Access the SDA at IU

To access the SDA from off campus, UITS recommends protocols such as Globus and SFTP, which provide IU Login and Two-Step Login (Duo) authentication, as well as encryption in transit. Because the HSI/HTAR protocols don't provide the same protections, you will need apply for an off-campus exemption to remotely access the SDA with a local HSI/HTAR client.

Methods available for transferring data to and from the Indiana University Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) include secure FTP (SFTP), secure copy (SCP), GridFTP (via the IU Globus Web App), and Hierarchical Storage Interface (HSI). For instructions, see:

Files containing PHI must be encrypted when they are stored (at rest) and when they are transferred between networked systems (in transit). To ensure that files containing PHI are encrypted when they are stored, encrypt them before transferring them to storage. To ensure that files containing PHI remain encrypted during transit, use SFTP/SCP or the IU Globus Web App. For more, see Recommended tools for encrypting data containing HIPAA-regulated PHI.

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