Types of sensitive institutional data appropriate for UITS Research Technologies services

At Indiana University, in accordance with laws and policies that protect the privacy and security of institutional data, the Research Technologies division of UITS provides several systems and services that are appropriate for work involving the following types of institutional data:

Official classifications for institutional data at IU are defined in Management of Institutional Data (DM-01). If you have questions about the classifications of institutional data at IU, see Classification levels of institutional data, use the Data Sharing and Handling (DSH) tool, or contact the appropriate Data Stewards. To determine the most sensitive classification of institutional data you can store on any given UITS service, see Choose an appropriate storage solution.

Get help

  • If you have questions about securing HIPAA-regulated research data at IU, email securemyresearch@iu.edu. SecureMyResearch provides self-service resources and one-on-one consulting to help IU researchers, faculty, and staff meet cybersecurity and compliance requirements for processing, storing, and sharing regulated and unregulated research data; for more, see About SecureMyResearch. To learn more about properly ensuring the safe handling of PHI on UITS systems, see the UITS IT Training video Securing HIPAA Workflows on UITS Systems. To learn about division of responsibilities for securing PHI, see Shared responsibility model for securing PHI on UITS systems.

  • If you have system-specific questions about IU's research supercomputers, contact the High Performance Systems (HPS) team.
  • If you have questions about RDC accounts and/or databases, email the RDC Administration team (rdcadmin@iu.edu).
  • If you have questions about IU REDCap, or need help setting up or managing an IU REDCap project, email IU REDCap Support at redcap@iu.edu.

  • If you need help or have a question about using your SDA account, contact the UITS Research Storage team (store-admin@iu.edu).
  • If you need help or have questions about using your space on Slate, Slate-Project, or Slate-Scratch, contact the UITS High Performance File Systems (HPFS) group using the Research Technologies contact form; from the "Choose an area to direct your question to" drop-down, select High performance storage.

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