Activate or deactivate Microsoft Office 2013 or 2011 products at IU

UITS recommends uninstalling any previous versions of Office (rather than deactivating) before installing a new one.


If you install 2013 or 2011 versions of Office available through Indiana University's agreement with Microsoft, you'll need to activate the software after installation:

  • If you install from IUware, you will receive a unique license key for the software version you select (i.e., 32-bit or 64-bit). Each key is valid for two activations, and these activations may occur on separate machines if you wish. To receive your key from IUware, on the appropriate download page, click Get A Product Key.
  • If you install from purchased media, you will need to enter a few pieces of information, including the software product key provided on the media packaging.
If you see an "Activate Office" screen, be sure to select Enter a product key instead rather than entering your email address.


To deactivate your copy of Microsoft Office, contact Microsoft by phone; see Activation Center Phone Numbers.

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