About IU's policy on information on personal web pages

Following is the University Information Policy Office statement regarding information on personal web pages at Indiana University:

Indiana University does NOT review the content of personal web pages maintained by individuals using this service except in response to a complaint that the pages contain material that violates the law or university policy. The university accepts no responsibility for the content of personal home pages.

Free expression of ideas is a central value within the academy. Some materials displayed on personal web pages may be objectionable or offensive to some visitors, but that does not necessarily mean that the material is illegal or that it violates Indiana University policy. Absent a violation of law or university policy, Indiana University will not take action with respect to material on a personal home page.

Individuals are expected to observe all applicable laws and university policies, and present themselves in a manner consistent with the high ethical standards of the institution.

Complaints that specific material on a personal home page violates the law or university policy should be sent to the Information Policy Office at uipo@iu.edu.

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