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Several directory services are available for Indiana University faculty, staff, and students. Keep in mind that individuals may choose to have their information unlisted.

IU Directory

For student, faculty, staff, and departmental contact information for all IU campuses, search the IU Directory. The directory contains interactive features such as self-updates that are live within 24 hours, campus maps with building details, links to calling instructions and campus telephone services in the Knowledge Base, and more.

Global Address List

If you have an Exchange account at IU, you can use the Global Address List (GAL), a directory service within the Exchange email system.

Contact Centers

The Contact Centers at Indiana University provide general campus information via phone and email. Information and services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These centers also maintain the campus directories.

For more, see Contact Center services.

  • IU Bloomington: The Bloomington Campus Operator is available at 812-855-4848.
  • IU Indianapolis: The Indianapolis Campus Operator is available at 317-274-5555.

beINvolved (IU Bloomington student organizations)

beINvolved includes a listing for student organizations at IU Bloomington, although the list is not necessarily comprehensive.

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