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At Indiana University, departments can dispose of unneeded computers and electronic devices either by redistributing them for reuse, or by recycling them via the university's contracted electronic waste recycling service. However, you must make sure that all data are securely removed from all storage devices before redistributing or recycling used computers and electronic equipment. Procedures for transferring equipment vary by campus. See below, and contact your IT Pro for additional information or assistance.

If you still have, and no longer need, accompanying items such as power cords and driver software, send those with the devices they are intended for; having all necessary components increases the likelihood that the device can be reused or resold to recover funds for the university.

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All campuses

Securely remove data from university equipment

All IU personnel are liable for any type of institutional data contained on any storage device, regardless of how your department disposes of it. Per IU Purchasing policy Sale of Computing Equipment (FIN-PUR-14.1), you must securely remove all data from used computers and electronic devices (including PDAs, BlackBerrys, and smartphones) before they leave your department, regardless of whether they contain sensitive data or not. For guidelines for securely removing data from IU computers and electronic devices, see Secure Data Removal on the Protect IU website.

Redistribute equipment within the university

If your department has unneeded computers or electronic devices that are viable for reuse by other departments, schools, or organizations at IU, you can post them on the mailing list, an IU List managed by the Office of Procurement Services. To post your equipment to the list, fill out and submit the Request for Redistribution of Goods form. To subscribe to the mailing list, send an email message to For more, see Subscribe to an IU List mailing list.

Before redistributing university equipment, make sure to read and understand IU's policy regarding Disposal and Redistribution of University Property (FIN-PUR-14.0).


If you do not redistribute equipment within the university, contact your campus Surplus Store to arrange for transfer of all equipment. Surplus will determine whether the equipment is viable for resale, or should be recycled. See:

See IU's policy regarding Sale of Computing Equipment (FIN-PUR-14.1).

Regional campuses


If you do not redistribute equipment within the university, contact your campus IT director to arrange for proper disposal.

IT directors

  • Equipment viable for resale (IUE, IUK, IUS, and IUPUC only):

    IUB Surplus Stores may be able to pick up unneeded equipment that's viable for resale to the public. Contact Surplus Stores to see whether this is an option. See Surplus's IU Departments Only page.

  • Equipment that's not viable for reuse/all equipment at IUN and IUSB:

    If equipment is not viable for reuse, or if pick-up by IUB Surplus is not feasible, IT directors should arrange for recycling. To ensure that all electronic waste generated at IU is managed in a secure, responsible, and cost-effective manner, the university has contracted with Vintage Tech, LLC, an e-Steward certified vendor, to provide electronic waste recycling services to all IU campuses. Campus IT directors or their delegates should contact to learn more about the program or to obtain the company's contact information.

Before recycling university equipment or transferring it to Surplus, make sure to read and understand IU's policies regarding Disposal and Redistribution of University Property (FIN-PUR-14.0) and Sale of Computing Equipment (FIN-PUR-14.1), as well as the Guide for Disposing of Failed Devices/Media Containing Data (in .docx format).

Recycle printer toner cartridges

Many manufacturers of printer toner cartridges have a free mail-in recycling service. Send used cartridges back to the original manufacturer in the same box as the replacement cartridge. If you don't have the return label or shipping materials, you can search for the company's specific return information online.

If your brand doesn't have a free mail-in service, follow the instructions for general electronics recycling for your campus.

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