About ITHelpLive

ITHelpLive provides chat capability with Support Center consultants for remote help with computer problems for IU students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. ITHelpLive is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IU Guest accounts will not allow authentication to ITHelpLive, but those with IU Guest accounts may use all other support options described in Contact your campus IT Support Center.

UITS Support Center consultants can assist you with your questions using various software tools from BeyondTrust.

The Support Center does not have a TDD number for hearing-impaired customers, but instead offers ITHelpLive as a text-based chat system for technical help.

ITHelpLive is used primarily in its chat service capacity by Support Center consultants who monitor the chat queue; however, phone consultants can also use the ITHelpLive tools as appropriate. To reach the UITS Support Center by phone, in Bloomington call 812-855-6789, and in Indianapolis call 317-274-4357.

Information from each ITHelpLive session is logged in ServiceNow, the system used to track technology support issues at IU.

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