At IU, where can I get help with GIS or remote sensing?

UITS Geographic Information System (GIS) Services, part of Research Analytics, provides support for geospatial research, instruction, and administration at IU. This group provides access to GIS and remote sensing software, and technical support to users. Through the Indiana Spatial Data Portal, this group archives and provides access to over 20 terabytes of Indiana geospatial data.

For technical support or questions about GIS software across all Indiana University campuses, contact GIS. The following resources are also available to students, faculty, and staff for help and technical support with GIS and remote sensing software:

IU resources

  • GIS and Remote Sensing Contacts at IU: These individuals actively use GIS software provided by UITS and may be able to provide support within their departments.
  • GIS Resources at Indiana University: Main website for GIS activities at IU, with information on software, training, spatial data resources, and departments using GIS software
  • IU Knowledge Base: Contains numerous articles related to GIS and remote sensing, including articles on software installation, GIS training, geoprocessing, managing dataset tables, and spatial data resources.
  • IUCAT (IU's Online Library Catalog): Provides access to a wealth of free tutorials, training guides, software documentation, CDs, and DVDs. To locate GIS- and remote sensing-related documentation and media, log into IUCAT, and then enter your search terms in the "keywords anywhere" field. For example, to see Esri information, enter Esri or ArcGIS.

ArcGIS and Esri

  • Esri Support: This is the best resource for questions about ArcGIS software. Enter your error message or the keywords of your problem in the search box. Look for answers in discussion forums, mailing lists, white papers, and help menus.
  • ArcGIS Resources: These pages provide access to free ArcGIS Online standard services, blogs, methods, frequently asked questions, and tips about using ArcGIS and other Esri products.
  • Esri Mapping Center: Learn how to make high-quality maps by using professional cartographic concepts and techniques. Ask a cartographer for a solution to your particular mapping challenges.
  • Esri PDF Tutorials: ArcGIS software tutorials give step-by-step instructions for learning how to perform data analysis functions.
  • Esri Virtual Campus courses: Free self-study Virtual Campus courses authored exclusively by Esri are available only to IU staff, faculty, and students.
  • Esri Speaker Series Podcasts: Listen to free short audio recordings that focus on topics such as tips to improve your workflow, tricks for optimizing your geodatabase, and updates on new software features.
  • Esri Discussion Forums: The GIS professional community can use this space to ask and answer focused questions or browse past discussions.


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