Connect to IU Active Directory as a Denodo data source

Create Denodo data source connections using a group account, departmental account, or other shared account, not a personal account. For more about group accounts, see About IU computing accounts for groups or departments.

To connect to Indiana University Active Directory Services (ADS) as a Denodo data source:

  1. In Denodo, create a new LDAP data source.
  2. Change the following options:
    • Name: Choose a unique name, preferably beginning with ldap and ending with the account name.
    • Server URI: ldaps://,dc=iu,dc=edu
    • Login: ads\account name
    • Password: Enter the ADS account password.
      Connection setup screen
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Create base view.

Once you've set up your connection, you can construct a query using the Denodo LDAP browser, or use a LDAP filter or query.

To request assistance, fill out the EDSD Support Form .

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